Convert a deck into an interior space

There are many houses that have aterrace in one of its rooms or even in several. These spaces usually end upbeing a fairly useful square meters "useless", especially when itcomes to a small balcony, which usually ends in closet or utility room.

On occasion, provided that thestructure of the building permits, some people choose to delete the partitionwall provided it is not a beam containment, and thus adds to the bedroom (orliving room, kitchen, etc…), few meters, which are always in good taste.

Another option also is to close,usually aluminum gallery mode, the space that was previously fenced, so thatyou can get much more out of these meters, especially if the weather conditionsin your place of residence are cold and rainy and keep you from enjoying theopen.

This option is recurring,allowing you to add a little room that you can use as a media area or sewing,painting, etc... except that you must have the approval of the community inwhich you will modify that work with common spaces such as it is the facade.

At other times, and this isreally important to have a large terrace, it is possible to create a space thatpretend to be a continuous extension of the room to which it belongs. This isthe case of photography today we show you where you can see how a simple onebedroom and living room are connected through a sliding glass door, so that thetwo rooms form a whole and you have the possibility of enjoy a few rays of sunscratched the winter.