Tips for small kitchens

Decorate the kitchen today is a pleasure, and is far from being merelyfunctional spaces those years ago have become authentic spaces for design.However, the task is complicated when it comes to tight spaces where few meters,do not allow us to develop our ideas as we would like.

If you have a small kitchen andyou see only difficulties to decorate check out some of our advice is sure someof these ideas apply to your decor!

Apply these ten tips can be enough for your kitchen is expanded both physically and visually:

1. Color: The light tones are the main allies of the spaces, not onlybecause they give a sense of spaciousness but also because they help enhancethe natural light coming through the window. If you want to give some colorplease do, so with some details on your furniture (doors, drawers, etc…), ordecorative details of the space.

2. Walls: A good way to make your higher ceilings is to combine tileshalf way up the wall and paint the top in a lighter shade or another texture.

3. Materials: New materials such as quartz offer more possibilitiesregarding the colors to choose from, but it's best to escape the dark, bold andopt for the clear for the same reason that you commented in Section 1.

4. Appliances: We recommend cooking down pat plan adapted as yourfurniture to your appliances. There are also some new models with dual functionas a microwave or oven and washer and dryer.

5. Bell:It is essential in any home, but in this case since moving odors around thehouse. Choose a very powerful without taking up much space.

6. Order: It is essential to avoid cluttering the space. Containersand separators used in your drawers and closets to maximize space usage.

7. Furniture: This is not about cramming the space, but you can usetall furniture to the ceiling if you can do it with elegance and restraint.

8. Sink: Although it is best to double it if you have little spacethere is no choice but to choose it from a single base. You can take a cornerfor it.

9. Office: Not essential, but if you look forward and not have muchspace you can get a folding table attached to the wall or one of those Americanbars.