Built in wardrobes

Although it seems that over theyears in interior design trends have left a little aside, the cabinets havealways been one of the most practical for the design of the bedrooms.

It is integrated directly withthose cabinets three walls of the room, recessed in the hole that appears inone corner and one on the bottom of a third wall.

Practical and functional, thiscabinet has a number of advantages and disadvantages that you need to considerwhen carrying out a reform in the home. If you decide, check out what we tellyou then!


- Helps maintain more orderly anduncluttered spaces.

- Allow gain more visual space tothe room, which apparently is not cluttered by the broad structure of a closet.

- Take advantage of everythingthe space between adjacent corners and between the floor and ceiling, if youdare.

- They are easier to maintainsince only we clean and maintain the spaces inside , without having to clean asin other cases the exterior wood surfaces (except doors).

- As you should request the helpof a carpenter you can make it completely to your needs by choosing the numberof shelves, drawers, counters, etc…, and also the place where you want to putthem.


- Must be made ​​and assembled atthe hands of a professional, not just go to a large area, buy it and fix itourselves.

- Once you are age not only haveto worry about changing it, but of an entire reform.

- It is often more expensive thana traditional wardrobe since it requires more work and maybe even theoccasional reform to suit the particular space.