Decorate a corner in a special way

The home decor is full ofpossibilities, thanks to the mix and match of styles and materials is becomingincreasingly present in the current trends in decoration. There was a time whendecorating was limited to a range of furniture suitable only for certain rooms,and well combined all together, so it was very difficult to distinguish theoriginal and a special area within the same set.

Fortunately, creating atmospherein a small space and is not complicated, just have to be careful when choosingitems for that area, so that they are the right ones, in order to obtainresults in a comfortable corner, practical, and resulting aesthetic andappealing . If we will show to you in the picture, the idea was to create aspace within your own home, where dinner can be two as romantic as, if salierisis the best restaurant in your town.

You can see that the combinationof materials styles and even times, the perfect combination in the overallresult. The initial referral of stress wall with tile art, featuring a seriesof carved and volumes along with the tone board, gives the room an elegantcharm.

In front of this wall, a sidetable with simple lines is filled with magic, and looks great with thepolycarbonate chairs that go with it, whose red cushions add to the scene thatbit of passion. In this picture as contemporary, perfectly you can join thevintage touch is so well and both are kept and that in this case provides anantique lamp with candelabra design. You only need a good company to enjoy yourcharming corner.