Decorations for the wedding night

The wedding night is probably one of the most special of your life, andis to be the apex of a day to remember. If you want your day or for that couplewho both want to finish as best as you can not stop decorating the room double in a special way.

Most importantly, be proactiveand think about each of the elements necessary in time, and organizing it atthe last minute that we can not expect the same results.

Want some ideas, to get a magicalatmosphere?

We assume that with thedecoration of the space we can not do miracles, so we have to prepare the bestroom on the bottom base we have.

The idea is to dye the area of white to give it that atmosphere thatwe like wedding, this will require to make a bed set in white, many meters ofwhite tulle (depending on the room and their characteristics), tape white satinand other decorative elements such as candles or rose petals.

Cover the bed with white sheets and then extends above the petals of roses (white or red) in adisorderly or drawing a heart in the middle of it. In the event that the bedframe or headboard can also allows a couple of links with white satin.

The most romantic you will getthrough the white tulle, which haveseveral functions in space: On the one hand will cover areas not want them toappreciate (Shades of another color, decorated spaces that do not like, etc…),but then most fundamental will create a beautiful canopy or mosquito net over the bed.

You only have to take a piece ofwhite tulle several meters (depending on ceiling height), make a division inthe center with a satin bow and then paste it to the ceiling with an adhesiveelement as double-sided tape, the web elegant and romantic must fall on either side of the bed.

Then use candles, chill-out musicand anything you can think and here! Already have the ideal decoration for awedding night.

To give the finishing touch to aperfect night puts down a bucket of champagneand a couple of drinks, a detail that must be present in any romantic evening.

Remember that people who surprise(your own partner if they are boyfriend AOA the newlyweds if you are a friendor family member) must not know anything and therefore have to prepareeverything at the last minute and without them noticing. Not easy, but really worth it!