Functional Kitchens

The kitchen is a room in thehouse that requires good order and organization strategy for several reasons:first, by the number of elements to be incorporated (such as large and smallappliances, furniture storage, and various other accessories), secondly, as aworkplace and need to feel comfortable in it and have everything at hand and,finally, it is pleasant to enable an area that allows us to sit and enjoy thefood, either alone or accompanied.

Not all kitchens have large,although this again be the trend and new construction and will return to givethe leadership that had for years. But if you have a small kitchen, you havefrom the choice of folding table with a couple of stools, a removable barfurniture to small islands that will make the dual function table and storage.

The first question you should beclear is the choice of appliances where you want to place large fridge, hob,oven, dishwasher, now you have the possibility of using various brands wherespace saving is the protagonist and the location of these vertically modularappliances give you the option to have other places to which devote thecupboards, drawers, a display case, if you want.

Do not abuse a lot of windowsbecause it does not allow you to store such quantities or in the same way thatblind doors. Once mounted, the organization is up to you: make sure everythingis accessible, well stored (organizers have indoor furniture and boxes) and notseparating things have to go whenever you want to prepare a coffee or anythingelse. This requires that you do not cram of small appliances which are thennever used.