How to visually expand the kitchen

The kitchen is a space that notonly must be physically large to promote the convenient way but also bevisually spacious to support that work at home in a clear and relaxed environment.

This is fairly easy in largekitchens, but those with less meters should manage to get the final look of thedecoration is desired.

If you have no idea how to do toomuch attention to the following guide, a few tips can get great results!

1. Walls clear: As we have said many times Clarita shades (white,beige, light yellow, etc…), are ideal for light propagating in space, which inturn will leave your kitchen visually more spacious and bright.

2. Low contrast: When the surfaces are similar survey the area insearch of a point that stands out, so the visual ride deceive the view by yourkitchen significantly broader.

3. Lightweight materials: Transparent materials are a great optionto take up less visual space and metal and aluminum are lighter in sight. Bycontrast, wood darker and robust meters will eat your kitchen.

4. Textiles: Curtains, sofa covers and even the cloth. A clearer andthinner on the web, will be cooler and light your space.

5. Mirrors: They are one of the biggest allies of deception as to thedimensions of space is concerned, is that not only help to enhance the lightbut also multiply the size of the space with incredible ease.

6. Surfaces: Commitment to reflect light as ceramic tiles or stainlesssteel.

7. Order: It is imperative that the space is collected, organized andclean, and packed surfaces that transmit feeling cramped and limited spaceavailable. If necessary, make thorough cleaning of your household items and getrid of you no longer need.