Recycling in the decoration

Recycling is not only a key issueto keep the environment but is also increasingly becoming an alternative way offashion and decoration.

If you are decorating your homeand would like to integrate some recycled components that are original, whileyou save money you know stay with any of the ideas, then you leave.

- Drums: Although they can be heavy parts and a little dangerous,once the fix and paint colors can be a storage space of the most original andpractical, a sort of round shelves that you can also stack.

- Pallets: Sofas, tables, shelves, shoes. We think of a thousand andone ideas for practical and decorative old pallets, and is that not only can beobtained for free (or very cheap) but also can be really well decorateddecorative. Check out our article on ideas for decorating with pallets, you'lllove!

- Seating: When do you tired of your jars, watering cans or othersimilar devices do not ever throw them, because today is the vintage decor todate and these are some of their products fetish. Just to be repainted with thecolors and designs that you like and use them in an original way that does nothave to match what the product was created in his day.

- former Marcos: The past century rococo moldings have come back intothe past, much more if we also know that there are an imitation of the day butcome from the past. Use them to your photos, pictures and even to frame amirror either individually or as a mosaic composition.

- Textiles in Patchwork: If you have made ​​cleaning closet and havea lot of clothes to wear home or those who do not know what to do not hesitateto make some original textile pieces as cushion covers, bedspreads and evencurtains. The patchwork is simply to cut pieces of different fabrics and uniteto form a new piece.