Take advantage of living space

The lounge is the meeting pointand meeting place par excellence for any home, a place where you simply relaxand unwind from the stress of everyday problems.

Precisely for this reason inaddition to seeking an interior that allows us to feel comfortable we willprepare a space comfortable to cover all our needs.

This means equipping it with allkinds of furniture, electronics and some pieces of decoration, which can be aspace clutter difficult to digest. Precisely, for space of the room you shouldget more meters to visually and physically.

The luminosity is the key tomaking any space look larger, so you should promote it in every way you canthink of: Covering the windows with curtains in shades very Clarita allowingthe transfer of light, using light colors for the walls (especially white) orby placing decorative elements such as mirrors, which help to give depth to thespace.

You should note, however, that inexcessive lit naturally cover the entire space with white elements may be toocold, plain and awkward, so it's best to play with color contrasts in furnitureand decoration. As an example, a white room with dark furniture will gain indepth.

As mentioned, the mirrors arealso a great way not only to expand the light in space but also multiply thedepth of the room for two. No matter whether an optical illusion, because whatcounts is the feeling you'll get.

Another great way to make realspace (physical) further advantage is to buy furniture versatile rooms thatallow us to be more clear, as well as functional. An example is trunks (storageand serving as a coffee table), the shelves with desk or sofa beds, forexample.