Take advantage of the space of the children's room

Although we all wish we couldgive our children the best of the best, in small apartments no choice but toprovide small but fun and cozy rooms.

Do not worry about not being ableto offer more space because if something is true is that their welfare andenthusiasm in the room are more dependent on the organization and decorationnot the same size.

Ultimately, knowing how tomaximize space is the key to decorating the nursery, where there should befundamental areas such as rest area, the studies and games. If you want asuccessful distribution pays attention to the following advice:

- The custom furniture can be oneof the great possibilities, and in which each element can be adapted to anycorner.

- If you also take advantage ofit to make with compact furniture that incorporate one or more elements thattake advantage of low storage areas will be giving the most of every inch ofthe room.

- In the rooms shared a bunk bedcan be the solution, and the two little ones will have his bed in space thatwould occupy a single bedroom.

- The storage spaces areessential and you must ensure that not missing, it will be the only way toensure that the stay can be maintained in order.

As for what you can do to makethem look larger should apply the general rules for any small space: TonesClarita for walls and furniture, wallpaper to vertical stripes, very lightnatural, outdoor racks or shelves (stored without occupying more than account)and to stop folding furniture more space to play.