Decorate a table with elegance

There are certain specialoccasions that need a touch of elegance and sophistication to our dinnertables, and pleasantly surprising is that our guests not only depends on ourculinary skills but the environment that we create for the moment.

Thus, the decoration of the tableis critical to the success of any lunch or dinner, and a few details that canhelp make a difference.

Although generally need to beguided by your own point of view and your ideas, yes it would be right continuesome tips to ensure your plate is an example of good taste:

- No matter what you choosecolors for the cloth and ornaments, but be careful not to mix too flashy or toobroad a palette. Combine up to two tones, one more basic as black, white orgray with some other, more flashy like purple, green or pink, for example.

- The household is one of the keyparts, so do not ever have that as common practice of mixing cups, plates orutensils of different models. Use these dishes or cutlery that you had reservedfor special occasions.

- The ornaments are never morethan ever to know how to use them discreetly: Do not over do it with too manydecorations or designs look too bulky to hinder conversation among guests atthe table.

- The shape of the tableindicates the number of central ornaments that you must put: If the table isround or square simply a decorative element in the center, but if the table isrectangular we put several pieces for the decoration does not look too poor.

Some of the ornaments to decoratethe center of the table can be chandeliers with candles (white or beige),centerpieces with floating candles or other with flowers always dry naturalodor that could interfere with any food or drink the table.