Which Staircase Handrail Will You Choose?

Designing your own staircase will give you a world of new choices. Staircases consist of many separate parts, but there is one part that always gets more focused than the rest. This is not the part where you put your feet; it is the part where you put your hand. The handrails on a staircase serve two purposes. They are there for your safety, and they give you something to hold onto while you ascend or descend the stairs. Without a handrail, the staircase would be extremely dangerous. They are also a crucial design element to any staircase. A nice looking handrail can completely transform a boring staircase into a work of art.

Handrails come in many different designs, shapes, and colors, but there are basically three handrail types.

Continuous handrail - These are sometimes referred to as over the post handrails. A continuous handrail will continue the entire length of the staircase. It is one long piece for each section of stairs. Continuous handrails come in two different styles. One style is mounted to the staircase balustrade, and the other style is wall mounted.

Wall mounted handrails are becoming increasingly popular today because of their wide selection and custom choices. Part of the appeal of wall mounted handrails is the ability to add them existing staircases. There are many staircase designs that use a wall as part of their design element, and adding a handrail to this wall can make a huge difference in the overall look of the staircase. It also makes them safer.

One of the more popular handrail selections of today is the Burbridge wall mounted handrail. This specific type of handrail gives you more options when selecting a wall mounted handrail. They come in a wide variety of designs. Most of them are wood with high polished metal accents. They provide an elegant look to any staircase at a very affordable price.

Post to post handrail - This type of staircase handrail is the exact opposite of a continuous handrail. A post to post handrail is exactly what it sounds like. It is a handrail that goes from post to post. Each post will intersect in between the handrail. These are also extremely popular handrail styles for modern staircases.

Determining which type of handrail is best will really depend on your staircase design. There are advantages and disadvantages to both types of handrails, but the main thing to keep in mind at all times is safety.