Get an impeccable decoration

There are many styles of decorand each of them tries to capture the feel and personality of those who live inthe house. Within all these styles from which you can frame your preferences,you may encounter the impeccable decor, which convinces through simplicity andelegance. This way of decorating your home is great for those people who areseduced minimalism with a touch more but to complement it, details that makeyour home is warm and inviting.

Especially in the lounge, whereyou do most of your family life and you get visitors, straight lines take onspecial importance, so that the blinds are replaced by long curtains that letglimpse some light. The colors prevail in its lighter shades, but preferringnot only by whites and beige, but giving it a distinctive look using gray,bluish gray, and even the softest tones of blue itself, so unusual for thiskind of stay. The furniture, design and quality finishes.

Give it a modern touch to thisstyle can combine this with some other furniture item rescued from a fleamarket or purchased in antique shops , but always bearing in mind the maximthat "less is more." Similarly, upholstery, cushions and otherelements of color, will be chosen to detail, so as to give the carpet a specialimportance, almost stately air. Breaking with the traditional and classic styleyou will be adding pictures that will place a more unusual, as lying on a shelfor even on the floor. Choose well the points of light, along with lamps, alongwith wall sconces, but trying to capture the essence and spirit that has made​​you reflect.