Wood for furniture design

There are many styles to choosefrom when decorating the room, since the interior has not done more to advanceyear after year, and offer many proposals among which satisfy the most diverseaudience. In fact, there was a time when it seemed that every household roomswere decorated by furniture almost monopolized, which now resembles a classicdecor.

In this type of furniture thatitself was highlighting the nobility and quality materials, a wood of greatstrength and endurance, which could last for decades perfect with minimal care.Over time, the design and aesthetic beauty was hogging the limelight ofdecorative interest, so it began to appear more modern designs, with lines lessrounded and practically without any carved minimalism was beginning to prevail.

Straight lines, made ​​ofsynthetic materials and colorful began to prevail, and little by little, otherelements such as glass, acrylic and even plastics, combined our houses appearedas a shelf or small doors that were interspersed in the furniture. Again wefind rooms decorated in a style very similar to each other, each person chosetheir particular design, but overall, we were all a little at a time.

Fortunately, in recent times, themost audacious and personal began to perfectly combine both styles, givingbirth to a new alternative to home decor: combining a coffee table withaluminum chairs or vice versa. And all this way leads to an end almostunexpected, surprising and spectacular blend seamlessly the most modern design,with modern lines, but all made ​​with the nobility of the wood that so manyyears wearing our homes.