How to choose an awning

We are receiving dot spring andwith it the first rays of sun that both crave. If you have a house with agarden and you are considering putting an awning, here are factors that we willhope, help you choose according to your needs. Factors that influence the priceof installing an awning are the type of fabric and color, if it is motorized ornot, and if the collected is protected. Both fabrics have been imposed for itsstrength and because they reduce the heat, the latter also slows the solarradiation by 90%.

As for color, white models are20% cheaper than color. Some models include a chest, a drawer that holds theawning aluminum contained in it, to prevent contamination and spoilage. Thesechests increase the price around 500 €, but allow extending their useful lifeas long as you do not pick up wet. If you want a motorized awning, have themswitch or remote control. In this system you can add sensors to pick up theawning when it is windy or raining, or to automatically extend or shine.

These functions can be foundindividually or combined of course the latter is the least economical. The mostimportant is the sensing of the wind, because if you're not home and has animportant gust can cause structural failure. A single sensor can servicemultiple canopies placed online. Now you can find blinds that are built-in lights,very practical for outdoor zenith. Choose the company and enjoy your firstnights of summer.