Decorating a bedroom with personality

Today, the interior is notsubject to any monopoly or stigmatized prototype to make it a triumph assured.Proof of this is the picture we will show you today, where you can see how wellyou can combine different colors, textures and materials, and offer, in turn, avery personal and cozy.

First, we observe the placementof the bed, lying under the window, which is not very common, but that givesyou the possibility to use the shelf as top of the head and to put in her booksand other accessories. Also, the very head of the bed design is slightly belowthe sofa, in white and in perfect harmony with the combination of earth tonesand pastels that make up all around.

The furniture is very wellcombined mixture of various designs and ages, carried to the extent that, until2 night tables are totally different. On a light wood floor, and framed in achocolate brown wall, highlight the comfortable and the small -bookstore shelf, painted white, and also protruding through the rest of the furniture is indifferent unvarnished wood. The importance of details and accessories takesgreat significance in this room, because wherever you look, you will capturethe beauty and originality of each and every one of them.

Metal hoses as a nightlight, aformer clay jug to pour water on a modern wine glass, small flowerpots for asingle flower boxes placed in a storage pouch casual, and even a picture orphoto frames without any, neatly arranged on the wall. A very personal bedroom,decorated with taste and charm.