Types of pools

By small, having a garden and notknowing how to use it is almost a sin. And it is that when it comes to heat,this outer space of our home becomes the central scenario of all ouractivities.

In this sense, if you are luckyenough to have a garden with meters must seriously consider the possibility ofplacing in it a pool, a major investment but really you'll appreciate the longterm.

Before making the decision,however, it is essential that you inform yourself about the different types ofpools that are in the market. Here we leave the most common:

- Pools of work: It's more expensive but also more durable andquality long term, so that investment really worth it. The work process is todig the ground with a suitable form, lining the ground with a polyester sheetand then placing a mesh of iron will be covered by concrete. Obviously, tocreate an aesthetic effect the final coating may be in paint, tile, etc….

- Pools manufactured: You can find them mono block (with polyesterglass form and modeled) or stainless steel (other plates that come together inthe field). While they lack the quality or customization of the above, thesepools are aesthetically beautiful, quick to install, easy to clean and alsomuch cheaper than labor.

- Pools of PVC: Some are fixed and removable. The first should becovered by other materials to be introduced directly into the ground, while thelatter are mounted directly on a flat floor and flat without anything but yourown hands.

Get wise, that summer is bearingdown on you!