Decorate a minimalist room

The room is the most popular andused around the home, the place where both family members and guests will spendmost of the time.

Precisely for this reason andtaking into account all the resources that we will want to have on hand or inspace (linens, dishes, books, etc…). Decorate the hall with minimal style maynot be very easy.

You must leave the key mostessential of minimalism, which is nothing to find a sober style with furnitureand decor simple and very functional.

To achieve this you start bygetting rid of everything not be essential for your living room or dining room,the fewer objects because we have less space to distribute storage need in thefurniture.

This is the only way to determinewhat furniture are essential and which are not in the room, it should sufficewith the basics such as sofa, TV cabinet, table and chairs and a maximum ofsome shelves or racks. Either way, you avoid any kind of mass on the surface,leaving the hall light, bright and neat as possible.

The furniture lines should bevery simple and straight in solid colors or neutral on either wood or lacqueredsurfaces quite open and not too many drawers or cabinets.

The walls should be practicallyempty, so you can play with the combination of a couple of colors on them asthe only decoration, use a vinyl or even a discreet box measures suitablespace. Forget abuse also complements and let key parts of the room as lamps,rugs and textiles become the protagonists of ornamental decoration.

As far as color is concerned,some of the most successful combinations are those that combine white and blackwith bright colors like other violet, red or pink, for example. Do you dare?