Save space in the nursery

When we speak of the interior,many concepts that come together to achieve the ideal: color, form, function,quality. But if even we refer to the room above the little ones, there is aconcept that must take precedence, almost above all others, and that is inaddition to safety and rest, you have a good place to carry out both theirschoolwork and leisure.

It is for this reason that todaywe will bring you a proposal that can help you save space in your child's room,and you will see how to combine all these concepts before you spoke, moreover,will be very valid, if the bedroom is going to be shared by two children or,sometimes, you have more than a bed for visiting relatives or friends.

As you can see in the picture,talking about a quarter of a rather small but in which, thanks to new designsof furniture, can offer the smallest in the house all the needed functionality.In a very singular, the main bed is "escorted" by a small drawer,which serves as a convenient and nightstand, and in turn the two pieces formthe bottom of a bridge, on which rests the bed top, you will have access to afun side stairs. This structure is so well designed complete with a desk acrossthe bridge, a key part of a bedroom and that will be so useful during differentstages of life.

The choice of white for thebedroom, it is essential not only for the feeling of spaciousness that thiscolor brings, but because it will greatly facilitate the task of adapting thedecoration to the stages of child growth, which only have to take care ofdecorative accessories more appropriate to their age.