Decoration which helps to improve our health

On many occasions we have somediscomfort so far as to worry and not always we realize that sometimes "wehave the enemy at home". Humidity, dry, static electricity, you may haveany of these problems at home and now try to help bring them a solution. Theexcess moisture results in fungi and mites, as well as deterioration ofwallpaper, joinery, etc…, it airs 10 minutes daily, and do not hit all thefurniture to the wall, and you favor better air circulation, and if possible,no clothing stores inside.

If, however, suffer from dry dueto heating, Fix it by placing a container of water next to the radiators, actas a humidifier. Static electricity is noticed more if you have laminateflooring, carpets, synthetic fabrics, try to use anti-static laminate and keephumidity above 30%. The lack of light can affect your mood as well as causeheadaches and eyestrain. Use colored, glossy paint, which reflects more light.There are curtains to fabric or curtains network of wool with designs stamped.

Another cause of discomfort andheadache may be components of some paints and varnishes, which can causerespiratory problems too. Should use natural paints, as no toxic gases arebreathable and moisture regulating and not charged electrostatic.

Another point that is directlyrelated to our health is the quality of our tap water, because if you have anexcess of lime and other impurities, not only tastes bad, but can cause skinirritation, shorten the life of appliances and leave the rougher casting. Havekit filtering systems that are placed under the sink, and you can drink tapwater and if it was mineral water.