The decoration of Hollywood style

Luxury, glamor, fun, the world ofcinema is for some a passion. If you're one of them might have thought morethan once in inspiration from your favorite movies to decorate some of therooms in your home.

Lest we miss the opportunity tofulfill your dream, here we leave some of the keys to a decoration in thepurest Hollywood style.

Our proposal is that you use fordecorating walls, furniture and decoration combinations of shades of gray andblack with more vibrant colors purple, pink or red roses, for example.

Furniture should be sleek andelegant lines, preferably dark wood (black, wenge, etc…), and seek the contrastwith white to give some more light into the room. The padded surfaces (in theheadboard of the bed, couch, wall, etc…) are also a great resource for a touchof notoriety and distinction to the environment.

Having gained this elegantatmosphere should give that touch of inspiration film through decorativeelements of this issue. Catch it in very different ways depending on your tasteand style you intend to achieve: If you're a more casual and youthful you canget with some slates, old film reel, a director's chair or some light bulbslike a film set they were staying.

In addition to some of the above,if you intend is to achieve a more glamorous space you can put some vinyl orpaintings inspired in some classics of film history, a chaise long, finequality carpets and beautiful chandeliers in the ceiling, for example.

However, the most important thingfor a decoration as creative as it is that you let go and unleash theimagination to make your stay as you've always dreamed of. Your views hallucinate!