Types of fences for the garden

Protect and preserve the privacyof our home is essential when it is at street level, which is why most homeshave a fence outside the protective separated from the rest of the city.

Whether you just purchased ahouse with a garden or want to renewyour outer fence not miss this article, because we tell you some of the modelsand the most common decoratingideas.

- Wood: These are the more traditional ones that we remember from thecottages of a lifetime with a height rather is intended to separate the boundariesof land not to protect the house. This is followed by a vertical planks heldtogether by two horizontal around the house.

- Wrought Iron: These are the most beautiful decoratively speaking,and their curious and worked up into space giving an elegant and sophisticated.With a height generally important, these fences are available today in a lot ofdifferent styles, from classic to modern.

- Wire: Not exactly pretty or flashy, but rather the contrary. Themain objective of these interlocking wire fences is not decorate but to protectyour home, especially in the areas enclosed by the backs of the house thatvisitors do not usually see.

- Shrubs: It is the most natural of all, and is built with naturalelements that create a dense wall of the greenest vegetation that will notallow entry of the most curious look. However, if you want to protect yourhouse at the entrance of strangers you reinforce it with a fence of any of theabove materials.

- Stone: The idea is to create a half-height wall and from there toput a fence of some material such as iron or wire, usually.

Many of the above options are notonly perfectly combined between them but often highly recommended thatcomplement. Thus, shrubs and vines will cover areas too showy as unsightlywires.