How to protect the corners of your home

If there is a place in your homewhere you can suffer a mishap or give you a blow, that where there is any corner of a wall, because no matter how"dumb" enough, we always give a blow to one of them. This becomeseven worse if the area of the hall and you have a decorative element that takesaway space, so the blow is assured in many cases, especially if you have kids.Then I'll give you some tips to protect the corners of your home and,incidentally, protect from shock to all who live there.

- First, protecting the cornersthat will not only avoid giving you a blow but the wall itself will be betterwith the punches as you can always drop some paint or scratch, depending on thematerial it is made.

- The best solution to preventknocking in a corner position bits , which are plates of metal, wood, PVC,foam, cardboard or other material used to cover the corner and not receive thedaily wear of the obstacles.

- No need to put a butt that fillthe top of the wall and the beats are not as high. Ideally, limit yourself tocover the area that is more prone to injury, usually from the ground up to ameter or feet, depending on the height of you who live there.

- Depending on the type of buttthat you use will need some form of fixation. If metal is ideal sealing withlong screws, but if the other materials you can use special glue for almost allof them and that is specific to each.

- So much has advanced the designof corner and many are made ​​with stickers, which will be much easier andfixing them immediately to the wall and last much longer as the adhesive isspecial to that material.

- All corners are also designsfor you to put on the corner of the tables or other furniture.