Types of mattress

When we are in the process ofhome decor the choice of mattress isone of the most fundamental questions, because this will depend on our rest,health and welfare.

Precisely for this reason beforea decision is essential that you know all types of mattress available in themarket. To give you the idea here we leave the main, take note!

- Springs: The most traditional of all and you can find in twoversions, the continuous wire and single spring. The first consists in a zig-zagwire or double helix whereas in the second each individual spring isinterconnected by wires.

- Of Latex: This is a mattress having a core latex (natural orsynthetic) encased in a padded

- Viscoelastic: One of the most comfortable of all is that thematerials have been designed allow the mattress to adapt to the ways of yourbody perfectly for an optimal break. The pressure is distributed as evenly overthe body avoiding pressure points.

- Futons: They have a cotton bag filled other natural or syntheticmaterials. They are sleeping in them very sporadically.

- In water: They have a core-tight cells (typically vinyl) filledwith water in an upholstery which insulates and thus enhances comfort.

- From Foam: The truth is they are a cheaper option but also one ofthe least comfortable. These mattresses have a polyurethane foam core wrappedin a cloth there are different types of foams with and hardness.