How to remove the smell of paint

When we have our own home, thereare few things that make us feel better to keep it looking decent care and makeus proud. A key requirement for achieving this is to look after the appearanceof our walls, for which we paint every so often.

You may already painting simplymake you heavier, but definitely the worst comes when you want to 'brand' yourfreshly painted rooms and must bear the strong odor that follows them.

Here we leave some homemadetricks to get help next time:

Before painting

- Mix two teaspoons of vanillaextract per liter of paint to use.

- Choose eco-friendly paints thatgive off less odor, besides the traditional, are easier to clean after painting.

- Place in the center of the rooma bucket or large pan in the center of the room: Fill it with water and add onetablespoon of ammonia to eliminate the odor within 24 hours.

- A similar solution is to fill abucket of cold water and put in it an onion cut in slices and in this way, thesmell will disappear in just a few hours. It is also said to prevent the odorfrom spreading to other rooms in the house should be placed a plate of freshlycut onion in half each.

- The vinegar has always been oneof the great allies to kill any kind of odor, so in this case we could taketheir property by placing some containers with water and vinegar near the wallsto neutralize the smell of paint.

If you know any other trick, donot hesitate to cooperate with us!