Practical ideas for children's rooms

In addition to a charming decor,in the bedroom when we think of our children we must consider also that thespace is comfortable, safe and practical.

Easy, on one hand interior missyou so do not forget anything!


Choosing furniture is a decisionto be taken to consciousness, for it is best bet with the more versatile theycan be transformed to suit the different ages of the child. Thus, for example,would not you do more with cribs, convertible into beds, baths with drawers andclosets are spacious comfortable future to serve for years.

Furthermore, it should considerother safety issues of which you speak later in this article.


Is essential in the room of yourchildren, whose bad habit will probably not pick up anything of what they use.This happens with smaller toys and evolve until they become young teens spreadtheir clothes everywhere. Make it easy the task from the beginning withpractical spaces, comfortable and very accessible for storage in specificplaces of stay: shelves, hangers, shoe, toy boxes.


At the time of planning thedecoration must think not only in appearance but also stay in its practicality.In this sense, the dirty surfaces and walls are a classic in the rooms of thesmaller, so you should look for paints, coatings and material easily cleanedand does not deteriorate easily to keep it fresh for longer.

Outside dangers

Your children's age willdetermine what kind of precautions you should take into space. With smaller payattention to the furniture too high which may pose a hazard, avoids the cornerstoo steep, it covers the window (up with bars) and, if necessary, buy someappliances or handles for the drawers can not be opened more dangerous easily(and avoid the risk of fingers getting caught). As your children get older theywill not need all this advice, but do not relax because your safety is in yourhands.