Where to place the stove or cooker in the kitchen

The kitchen is undoubtedly themost difficult to decorate around the home, and that we have many or few meters,we always find room for each of the essentials such as cabinets and drawers forstoring utensils and very especially appliances, our best friends at home.

As we know how complicated it isall this, here we provide you some ideas for the task of choosing the place toput the stove or cooker in the kitchen following the advice of feng-shui.

The key in this workspace is tothink about your comfort, and it will be necessary that you have a good spacearound you to have a good freedom of movement.

Also, the location of the kitchenshould allow the cook to have a good view of what happens around, so thatnothing can take her unnoticed and surprise, causing accidents of varyingseverity (drop food, spill hot substances, etc…) that can harm their health orwelfare.

For all this, unlike what happensin most cases (possibly due to lack of space), Feng-shui is recommended not toplace the stove or cooker against the wall and much less against a corner, sowe limit in either direction and directly impact on the outcome of some ourdishes.

The ideal solution for kitchenswith plenty of room is to place a central island kitchen in the center of theroom, where you can also concentrate other tasks such as preparing food forcooking or as a point of support for your meals.

If in your case you do not havemuch space you can also place a smooth surface of steel against the wall wherethe kitchen are to get a mirror that allows you to see what happens in the restof the kitchen.