Convert the bedroom into a suite

Sometimes we look forward to ashort break just to enjoy one of those magnificent luxury suites that offer thebest five star hotels.

But you would have the samedesire to leave your home, if your room was a suite in itself. Probably not, ifyou get to make your room a luxurious as the hotel upgrades, pay attention towhat we tell you!

Let's start with the furniture,because when you make you think the furniture in functionality but also insimplicity and elegance. To do this you must choose furniture rather smoothlines and far from the extravagances, which met to perfection styles moreminimalist and contemporary.

It is also important to choosinga good mattress, which can improve comfort by coating with feathers, finelinens and large cushions and whose appearance will be really beautiful withthe use of textiles (choose quality items and sophisticated decorative .)

It is essential to always keeporder in the room, for an elegant like a suite must be attentive to everydetail not only in decoration but also as far as organization, size andcleanliness is concerned.

The colors of the decor andespecially the wall should be preferably clear since they are more relaxing,but also be great to add a touch of sophistication contrasting them with otherdarker colors on the furniture or decorative items.

Some other ideas that can notmiss decorative are rugs, large wall mirrors, access to all the lights from thesame bed, the TV in front of the bedroom to the eye level and even the chanceto enjoy a swim in the same room. Now that's pure luxury!