Ideas to save the toys

While it is certainly somethingthat any parent would love, the truth is that not all homes offer thepossibility of separating the space of rest of the children and place for theirgames.

It is precisely here that therearises a concern and also a strong need to keep in mind when decorating thebedroom of the little ones: The storage of toys.

If you want your children tolearn from the very beginning to be sorted with their toys must provide a fixedstructure and stable where they can pick up the habit of keeping their thingsafter they have been used.

For rooms with plenty of a goodoption is to place a special cabinet for storage, such as a shelf for moduleswith large plastic boxes (colors will be original and funny) that will notcause danger to your children.

With this option you can evenclassify the functions of each of the drawers: For dolls to books and comics,to stuffed animals to the balls.

If you can not devote much spaceto this purpose other option is to place the foot of the bed a trunk of a lightmaterial (so there is no risk of fingers getting caught) or a large plastic boxwith lid. Is always at hand and will not put any effort that will simply openthe box and put everything inside.

If you have space under the bedalso can be useful to put some boxes extended with wheels (or slide it alongthe ground) so they are easy to load and unload quickly. Thus the structure ishidden when your kids are not playing.

In any case, always keep in mindthat the storage place for toys is at your fingertips and does not pose anydanger to use. Thus they do not depend on you while you take will keep watchfor independence and initiative in a safe manner.