Steps to Feng Shui decorating

Decorate the home as advised bythe Eastern discipline of Feng Shui is one of the best ways to make your home acozy and full of good energy in the environment.

If you know some decorating tipsFeng Shui but we would like to start step by step, do not miss the guide belowyou. We hope you find it useful!

1. Think of each of the rooms inyour home and how you would like to reflect each of the spaces: Relax in thebedroom, joy, honesty and family atmosphere in the classroom. From here you canchoose some of the key elements of decoration.

2. One of these key elements iscolored then you should tailor each type of energy with its corresponding colorin space: Use the yellow to convey joy and optimism, to give more vitalityorange, violet for spaces that need to relax and anywhere where you want tospread peace and can enhance the light in space, for example.

3. Think of the items you need:One of the fundamentals of the discipline is not to cram the rooms with morestuff than necessary, so you know, make a cleaning to get rid of all that youdo not need and renew some of those elements decorative recommended as Feng Shuimirrors, landscape paintings or candlesticks and candles, for example. Inaddition, natural elements like water, fire, air and earth have greatsignificance for the discipline, so you should always try to keep them at home.

4. Arrange the elements in space:in this sense is not only important how the space looks decorative andspaciously talking but also the facility that has the light to spread among theremaining furniture and ornaments.

5. Finally, keep all areas cleanand tidy it is the basis for the positive energy to circulate throughout yourhome.