Decoration for areas in the Hall

Although smaller apartments ishard to draw physical and visual meters where we, the larger spaces alwaysallow us to play on our own with the decor to get those stays with you alwaysdreamed of.

In large rooms, for example, wetake advantage of absolutely every corner if you're lucky enough to live in oneof these do not miss your chance to get some new ideas in this article.

Although you can choose betweenhaving a living one environment or integrate several distinct areas withdifferent environments, in our opinion, if you want to get the space you betterbet on the latter.

In this sense be your own tastesand needs that determine the areas to be set, although it is common to combineliving room, dining room and nook for reading, if it's one of your hobbies.

This is important to considerfirst the various ways to separate spaces , either through visual elements suchas light, materials or color or by some furniture that involve a physical separationof space (bookshelves, sofas, etc...).

Do not forget either that thearea of high (basically made ​​the table, chairs and a service unit) must be inthe part of the stay as close to the kitchen to facilitate transfers tolunchtime so as not to distribute the smell of food around the house.

Once you give closure to theprevious environment is a good idea to establish the physical separation ofwhich we spoke earlier with a sofa, a bookshelf, bottomless ( to allow easypassage of light) or a similar item in front of which develop activities thatconcern the living room and watch TV or relax.

If all you have left besides deadsomewhere and you like books, a reading corner may be the best way to harnessthe available space.