Basic for the vintage decoration

The vintage style is one of thelast major trends in interior, and that this environment is so nostalgic thatcharacterizes is able to create the interior most elegant, romantic andintimate imaginable.

As you know, the vintage is astyle that uses elements of classic decorations and traditional reinventtouches with more modern and chic.

Quiet, because getting a roomlike that that you admire so much easier than it sounds if you know whatelements recurring basis of this decoration. Take a look at what we tell you!


Are the key, is that your choicewill depend on you to get success in the decor. However, the fact is that thereare many types of furniture in this style, from the natural and romanticfurniture using wrought iron painted or pickled wood to modern, using fancifultouches to painted surfaces (blank or black) for interior chic.


In the same manner as furniture,vintage home textiles can be very different depending on the environment youwant to create in the room: If you compliment a corner very nature committed tolight colors, floral prints and colorful slightly lightweight fabrics, but ifyou prefer to continue with furniture very glam you can bet on silk or satin incolors that suits you (black, fuchsia, white, etc…).

Decorative Items

Large chandeliers chandelier, thelarge mirrors in ornate rococo moldings or vases are some of the elements thatcan make the style, recurring parts of any vintage decor can not miss in yourstay.

Can you think of more that cannot miss this decoration? Tell us how to complete the look!