Tips for choosing the pictures

Today there are lots of resourcesto decorate our walls. However, if you want to succeed in, it is best that youopt for the more traditional line: The pictures, if you know choose one of thepieces will be protagonists of your decor.

How to choose the most suitable? Choose apicture that suits the characteristics of our home should not be too difficult,however, a mistake in the choice could ruin the whole decoration.

To prevent this from happening,here we leave a small guide with tips to keep in mind as location, size,pattern or style.

1. Choose the place where youplace it. To do this you should look at the space available, those that do notneed to put any furniture useful and therefore would be devoid of decoration.Search also covers difficult areas with pictures.

 2. To choose the size of thepicture, you should look at the meters available and how the space where youput it: If the wall is very large, a large oblong table, two tables and even atriptych (one reason or image divided into three parts) will be ideal to fillthe space, but if the wall is rather small you should opt for a medium size boxor two by two smaller ones.

For its part, the vertical spacesand will require a vertically elongated box or series of pictures orphotographs of the same decorative motif.

3. No grocery stay with too manypictures, then mark the elegance lies in the style of a discrete form. Restassured that although the table does not have to go unnoticed.

4. The reasons depend basicallyon two things: from the very taste of the inhabitants of the home and styledecoration of the room. Although in this sense must find a film or a paintingaccording to the decoration (in the rustic landscapes, abstract minimalist, Zenpaintings oriental decor, etc…).

However, although you shouldfollow the style of your interior, the last word will always have your owntastes.