Take the corner of the living room

With all the things that we mustmake room in our home, every corner has, and to know how to maximize space in adiscrete form is the best way to create large rooms, well-organized and thoughtful as possible.

The room is just one of thoseplaces that most commonly noticed a lack of space and therefore one of the mostneeds to be exploited to their corners.

Want to know how? With some easydecorating ideas is very easy to get.

- Sofa: Why settle for a traditional two-seater sofa with thepossibility of winning an additional seat? Just make a right choice, and takeone corner of the room to place a corner sofa, eager to see how visual andpractical level!

- Desktop: If you live in a small apartment and only have space toaccommodate a work space or computer, uses one of the corners closest to thewindow to place a small desk in a 'L' to be able to take advantage entire depthof the space.

- Table: If you put two sofas in the corner walls that make a coffeetable aside not only decorate the unused space but also be a resource of themost practical (you can place a lamp for reading, support your objects, etc…).

- Shelves: These and individual shelves, libraries or corner cabinetsare one of the best ways to leverage the broad background that provide thesespaces. However, unlike the above, chances are that you should ask to make thisfurniture as and therefore the price will be higher.

- Decorative Accents: If more space to exploit your idea is to give adecorative touch as many resources as you have come to mind. Standing figures,lamps, tall plants, vases. You know your taste and imagination are in chargehere!