Covered porches and balconies

When we buy a new build housewith balcony or terrace as usual is that these open spaces are completelyunprotected against any kind of time and temperature that will make us sufferthe summer heat but also his strong storms if at all.

Precisely for this reason, placea covering for the heaven of these spaces is essential to have a goodfoundation against the external elements that could prevent us from enjoying amagnificent setting like this during the quiet months of the year.

Well if you had quiet a lot ofideas, because we bring you interior of all types and for all budgets:

Covers: It is one of the most common due to its price, ease ofassembly and its easy use, and also awnings can be opened and closed quicklyand also can regulate how much you want to let the sun comes in space.

Covers: Although they need a good economic investment for astructure, and a professional installation, decks are perfect both decorativeand practical. You can find a lot of different materials such as glass, bakingsheets, wood, reeds, textile and even climbing plants on the basis of wood oraluminum, for example. Pergolas or tents: They are two very similar optionsthat they both seem small cassiterite, we cover any climate element (adverse ornot). A decorative level, pergolas are elegant and chic trend that will add atouch of class to your home, but in this case are not in direct contact withthe front of the home. Large umbrellas: If your terrace or garden is too smallto the other resources listed or if you simply just like to cover a particularpart of large umbrellas can be the ideal solution, cover the sun, allowslightly cooler areas and also decoratively are cute.