Lighting for the garden

When the good weather isapproaching and the weather can enjoy placid evenings outdoors, the gardenbecomes one of our favorite places at home (if not the most).

Simply dine outdoors to chat withyour partner or your friends or take a refreshing dip in the pool before bedis, in fact, one of the greatest pleasures of summer.

But to enjoy this all day isnecessary to have a good light to ensure that we can make any kind of activitywithout suffering through the efforts of our sight.

The lighting is thus one of thefundamental keys of comfort in the garden at night. However, there are manytypes of artificial lighting for these spaces which decide. It's a matter oftastes and needs.

The best thing for the garden isto have adjustable lights that allow to have multiple points of light withvarious intensities to adjust the light according to the time andcircumstances.

The lanterns are one of the mostcommon in landscaping, and is provided soft lighting and relaxing setting foryour most intimate moments with family or friends. On the contrary to this cozylight is the bright light, which is characterized by having many points oflight and will be ideal to carry out specific tasks that require plenty oflight.

In addition to the above lanternsand lights, one of the techniques used in outdoor lighting is up lighting,which is nothing but a light that goes from the ground up focusing more oneverything in their path.

In larger gardens even have smallpaths some light sticks to the ground (can be high, low, round, square, etc…).Be perfect to define the green and light the passageway.