How to insulate your home

The outside temperatures and noise of the big city are some of thebiggest hassles that you may suffer at home and yet, are issues that couldeasily be avoided if you knew how to isolate it properly.

In fact, the ideal is to makeyour home become your own refuge from the world outside giving it all possibleelements to make it the place more comfortable for you.

Here we leave some of thedifferent options for thermal and acoustic insulating your home, do not missthem!

- Double glazing: Windows are the focus for our homes lose much heatand the falling just outside temperatures, so give them a double glazing canhalve our heating needs.

- Material in the windows: Some materials such as iron or aluminumnot just help to insulate the inside from outside temperatures, and have a highability to conduct heat or cold into your home.

If your windows are made of woodyou can put foam weather stripping to keep out the cold, although it is best togo for windows called 'thermal break' containing insulating material betweenthe inner and outer.

- Orientation of the home: This is not something you can change onceyou have your home but it is something that is increasingly being given moreimportance and is referred to the architecture that leverages its orientationto get more solar and power using high quality materials heat.

- Soundproofed Walls: The most common materials to get them are thebricks, mineral wool, synthetic stucco, the compact concrete, plastic canvas orcork, among others.