Decoration in black

Although black is the color ofelegance par excellence, the truth is that wearing one of our rooms with thiscolor can give a little respect.

Dark and provocative, this colorcan be counterproductive for the decoration of our rooms but we know how to useit, and it often remains light and helps reduce the space visually.

This is precisely why you shouldhave some basic concepts to hit when using the black in decorating your home.If you want to know some of the secrets of this color notes of what you have,do not waste time!

For starters, keep in mind thatthe black can be used as a color base of the decoration or as complementary toachieve this subtly chic and glamorous.

In the first case, you can useboth the black walls and in furniture. However, to paint one or more of yourwalls of a color, so dark you will have a space with great natural lighting,but the space it would be greatly reduced and dark, sad and off. If you areable to paint, looking ornaments like vinyl or pictures with more clear trimcontrast with the wall and help to enhance the lighting just so many needs it.

Also, keep in mind that in thesecases the tones of the walls and furniture should contrast always to break themonotony and a darkness in the room, so that always dark walls and furniture andornaments clear light walls quite the contrary (colors black or dark colors).

You can also use darker shades assecondary color for decoration in combination with another even more clear andbright (white, red, blue, purple, etc...), in textiles, furniture and somedetails of walls or floors.