Special effects to your walls

Most of we are accustomed to becontent with the choice of furniture, colors and decorative elements of the fewhome, but what would you say if you had the chance to choose some special effects to decorate the wallsof your home?

 If you want to know some originalideas to make your walls make a difference check out the ideas, then you willbe able to surprise anyone who comes home!

The paint is the main way to getsome of these effects form your walls, and is today the range is so wide thatwe can find those that mimic of the mirror or aluminum (in metallic shades) tothose that make your walls in authentic slate (for you and your children youhave fun), signs magnet to hang in the documents, for example. If any of themand you think a fantastic idea, expected to visit your store decor and checkthe wide range of colors available in the market for each of these options.

If you want to tap breaker, donot hesitate to paint your door just as the walls to integrate them in the decorationand thus breaking with the established limits. The idea will come into force,if it is something special designs (stripes, prints, etc…).

Real windows

Another of the most originalideas that come to mind is far removed from the realm of painting, but nowalls. This is place one of those original paintings that mimic a window (quitesuccessfully, by the way) in order to move somewhere special from home to theplaces you've always dreamed of.

The wallpaper or photo muralsdecorations are another good way to go.