Taking care of household linen

When we talk about home decor, itis likely that at some point go up the subject of color, since it is importantfor several reasons. Furthermore, if we make mention in the spirit of giving asense stay of more light and airy, white is the most commonly named as the bestto achieve these effects. We can refer to it as much for covering floors andwalls, to furniture, and also for household.

In the latter sense is when wecan find problems or setbacks numbers, as it is very difficult to get homelinens always keep the so-called "nuclear target." This occursbecause it is an unusual color that immediately picks suffered, but stains,itself a kind of shadow that detracts charm. It is also important from the basisthat there are different shades of white, which often never reach tissues isnuclear.

In this sense it is a veryimportant fact to consider, since a seemingly nice white can look very dullnext to another light. In any case, we have a couple of clear concepts when itcomes to taking care of household linen. First and in an entirely essential,never mix whites and colored. Even using special gels or bags that absorb thesecolors. These products are good only in case of combined clothes.

Always wash in hot water (40 °)and fabric softener. Do not use bleach, as it always ends up wearing yellow andthe tissue. Lye is a last resort to save a piece that has had an accident, andnot for use in a normal way. If you look at the need to use it, wash in thelast hours of the day to lay in the shade and avoid getting the sun. The linenhas been washed with bleach can never be the clearing.