French romantic bedroom

Inevitably, when it comes toromance, it is almost imperative that our minds journey to be in France, thebirthplace of this style that captivates with its pomp, pageantry and beauty.These qualities are preserved even today in many homes to choose who preferthis style to your decor.

As you can see in the picture wewill bring you today, one bedroom, whose main color is white, which could giveyou a feeling dull monochrome, comes great strength and relevance thanks to theperfect combination that is made ​​of different materials and furniture werechosen for their decoration.

Very remarkable, the work of thecarpenters who have achieved a masterful old white lacquered wood andpreviously treated, as if to show us a restored antique setting, despite beingmade ​​with cutting edge techniques. The carvings, engravings, and even pickledsimulations will give this room an air that takes you completely of fullromance.

For his part, and something thatwe always point to the great personality that the styles and periods areconfused and intermingled, and result in a stay pure and personal. Details likethe bed, which corresponds to the era and style of minimalism today, are areference to "homegrown", a detail of personality.

Concepts that we can not see themhold a temporary right of the image, where a glass vanity with wood body, livesa perfect, like a desk, phone and lamps of the present time, and therefore noeffect optical distorting or negative.

Two styles also become confusedon the walls, where that coexists treated wood and aged to perfection with lotsof mirrors, typical of those times, and with a network of cushions that coverthe whole area of the headboard.