With recycled wall clocks

You know that we are big fans ofthe ornamental items created based on reused elements that allow us to be morerespectful with the environment while we get original and designs personalizedwith which to decorate our home interior.

Today we bring you a newcompilation of ideas, so that youfeel encouraged to make your own clocksrecycled, so if you lacked a detail with which to decorate any room not losedetail than I have.

These are some of the ones weliked best about the network:

- Vinyl: One of the ideas easier to carry out provided they do notwant to complicate your life by painting or cutting back on their originalforms. Our advice is to choose a disc from your favorite bands we insert asimple mechanism and hang on the wall.

- Boxes: One of the ideas that you let your imagination will allow isthat although you can use the original design of the box also line it canafford, paint or place any type of surface detail and then insert themechanism.

- Wheel: A great idea for sports fans who just require effort. Issimply to remove the tire from the wheel of the bike, clean the surface of ironand to place the clock mechanism in the shaft center could not be easier!

- Chassis: This design is really easy to implement and is the mostflirtatious charm to any room of our home (one bedroom, a living room, a cornersewing, etc…), is to take one of those old racks sewing small or medium size,set a cloth of our taste and sew over it the buttons that serve as hour markersbesides the central mechanism, our advice is to combine solid fabrics withvarious buttons and ornamented with smooth fabric buttons. You can do somethingsimilar with the lid of pot paint.

Did you like these ideas? Thenput everything in place, it's time to get to work!