How to gain light in windowless spaces

We all dream of a home largewhere a large amount of light enters through our windows naturally everymorning to let us start the day in a better mood, and yet the reality is oftenquite different: we must settle many homes in the one or more of the rooms(bedroom, bathroom, kitchen, etc…) do not even have windows.

How to win light in these areascompletely closed? It may not be an easy matter to resolve, but certainly thereare many ways you can maximize your chances.

- Lighting: You must be very well thought out, and that space will bewithout natural light or a single 24 hours a day. In this regard, we advise youto tailor a good system for general lighting in the ceiling with one or morefocal points (depending on the dimensions of space) and you set other points oflight side in specific places: in the bedroom side tables, by the sofa in theliving room, on the dining table, above the bathroom mirror, on the hood of thekitchen, etc…, in confined spaces also avoids hanging lamps, attached to theceiling as the best light expand the room.

- Color: Surely you're aware of the influence and the visual effectof colors in space although it is well to remember that light colors willenhance the growth of light (natural or artificial) while dark get everythingotherwise. If you use both ranges, be sure to decant for light, neutral forlarger surfaces (walls, furniture, etc…), and give a touch of color in sidefurniture and items for decoration.

- Transparent structures: furniture, ornaments and even walls andwalls of plastic or glass are not only the most modern decor but also welcomethe sunlight into every corner. Some good ideas are the picks for hands inclear glass, the glass walls or glass block clear plastic chairs (with orwithout color).

Finally, one last tip: take the opportunity to put mirrors on thewalls of some of your stay, because not only an embellishment of the mostelegant but also reflected help multiply the light around the room.