Summer decorating with shades of winter

When summer comes, we jumpheadlong into the closet to start out fresh clothes and, in turn, also show amuch more cheerful color. This we would do well with home decor, but not alwayspossible. The problem is that it may be a little expensive to change the decorevery season, but it is true that we can take advantage of our furniture evenin summer.

This past year has been a garnetcolor protagonist of home decoration in winter. We have seen the blackberrytones, wine and other varieties on walls, as in furniture, linen and variousaccessories. Color is very elegant dress the house in a calm and neutral, butdid not cause discouragement that some people produce gray and black. Yet it isstill winter color, and the change of season we can be a bit muffled.

One way to visually refresh theatmosphere of a living room, where the garnets are the protagonists is optingfor a few covers for the sofa. In the case of photography that we are bring today, the feeling offreshness and comfort is provided by the off-white with which all parts arecovered. This feeling is not only visual, as in this case both the sofa and thechairs are of velvet, a material that is too hot for the summer months.

The fabrics used for these coversare made ​​of breathable material that will prevent sweat more than is strictlynecessary. You will have no problem to find them, since they tend to stick tostandard measures. The most advisable shades are always those who understandthe range of white and beige, which in turn are perfectly combined with anycolor in winter you have decorated your house.