Decorating tips for beginners

Decorate the first home is anexperience, not only by the enthusiasm with which is held every step of the wayto go wearing our home but also because it often brings some headaches that wedo not know how to solve.

Is it the first time you decorateand feel a bit lost? Then serves to find the tips below and you're ready to getit to work.

- Check out what are the trendsand styles for those who can decorative decanters to decorate your home. Learnwell to make a conscious decision, as to achieve harmony in the home shouldfollow the same decorative lines in each of the rooms.

- The general rule of color fordecoration would be to use a maximum of three or four colors in each room,colors among which you can not miss a tone clearly base (white, cream, etc…),to provide some clarity and multiply the light in the room. After that anddepending on your taste or decorating style can combine others in the samerange of color (different shades of brown, gray, hot, etc…), Or in manydifferent colors to give a bit more informal and fun.

- Find out what styles,techniques and colors are up to date and what not, then start with anold-fashioned decor is certainly not a good start. As an example, today iscompletely forbidden to paint your walls with the techniques of Venetianplaster or textured walls for example.

-In spite of the above you shouldwalk you with eye, then let yourself go too by the fashions also can suppose anerror as your decoration may be outdated in just a couple of years. Our adviceis to bet on the basic elements in those enduring over time (coatings,furniture, etc...), and give a touch of modernity and color with accessoriesthat will be more easy and economical to change at any time.

- The key to making the roomslook elegant, clean and tidy regardless of their decorative style is not thegrocery with an excess of furniture and decorative items. Garnish each other,but in moderation.

If you have questions about anytopic related to home decoration (styles, materials, tips, techniques, etc…).Please do a search or check out of the different sections of Interior findalmost everything, what you need!