Functional vinyl for decoration

The vinyl or stickers are notonly one of the most original decorative, practical and affordable for the homebut also have a huge variety that allows us to find solutions to all decorativeapproaches.

In this sense, although someserve merely decorative function can also find other practical designs thatwill meet specific needs.

Here we leave some of the mostpractical and fun that come to mind.

They are:

- Cover tiles: Did your shelves or outdated tiles have details thatdo not know how disguise? Then just look for specific stickers for thisfunction that will adapt perfectly to the surface to hide the decorativemotifs.

- Hangers: If you would like to have one lifetime but do not haveenough space vinyl shaped rack or tree is a great idea, it does not occupy anyspace on your wall and only need a few knobs or hooks for hold your clothes.

- World Map: Nothing better to decorate your home in a decorative anduseful, and that you and your children will not fail to learn from Generalcultural even sitting on the couch.

- Slate: Ideal for recording your notes and housework, and evenrecipes for kids to have fun without having to paint over your pristine walls.

- Christmas Tree: If you dream of having a Christmas tree but spacedoes not allow too many licenses do not hesitate to make a model of vinyl, aswell as not take nothing to the possibility of also decorate to your liking(only those who come the ornaments separately).

Also, if your walls and furniture(or the like provided they are smooth) have some small damage can hide easilyusing any design you like.