Painting small rooms

In today's homes is common tofind just a few meters converted into tiny rooms that are not at all easy whendecorating, and not only have to think that we give decorations but also in allthose elements that can better visually .

The paint on the walls is one ofthese elements, because not only generate one type of environment orpersonality will stay but will also have the ability to modify the visualcharacteristics of the room.

The Color is the most criticalbecause it is what will make our walls and therefore our rooms look larger orsmaller. In this sense, the best thing for you is to go for light colors tohelp reflect light around the room: the white is undoubtedly the better for it,but you should not rule out the option of using other light colors such ascream or some pastel shades.

If you think your room will betoo bland, then painted three walls white to get this extra does of color andprovides lighting in the fourth (one of the greatest of stay) with that tonethat you want to make your stay in the spotlight.

Another good idea is to use awallpaper horizontal stripe, creating an optical illusion of space but can alsoturn out to be burdensome in the case of some rooms.

The synthetic paints that areamong the glitz and Matt will also serve to open the space visually.

Beyond color, we recommend not tocharge the room with outdated techniques like stucco textured walls or nor usetoo much decoration on the walls.