Key rules for decorating your home

Beyond the fun part which is tochoose some of the ornamental details of your home, the process of decorationis not at all easy. In fact, if you are one of the most perfectionists whothink even the smallest detail, you may end up having a headache.

How to simplify the task? Takingsome basic ideas and letting the imagination and good taste do the rest.

The following are some of thekeys more fundamental:

- Colours: It is classified as palettes warm (reds, yellows, oranges,etc…), and cold (white, blue, gray, etc…). It is said that the first supplyenergy and vitality are ideal for public areas of the home while the latter aremore suitable for relaxation areas.

- Value-room furniture: Cramming a stay can be tiresome, but fallshort with the furniture can also be ridiculous and impractical. Still, thepredominant decorative rule today is that of 'less is more'.

- Balance: You must find harmony in the decor, not only as to theamount of furniture or style but Decorative employees regarding the combinationof colors. Remember too intense tones on the walls, they will take center stageover the rest of the decor and sometimes can even subtract light.

- Lighting: It is essential that the potencies by all means becausenot only provide clarity and a sense of hygiene but also help enlarge the spacevisually. The use of the white odd mirror (reflect and multiply light), theelements of transparent materials (furniture, walls, ornaments, etc…) And gooddistribution of furniture in the space are essential to achieve this.

And above all do not neglect yourdecorating budget!