Green home decor

When we release a floor or wedecide to give a makeover to our residence, is very important to consider thechoice of colors with which dress each of the rooms, because depending on thatchoice will achieve a greater or lesser as to give your home the feeling ofcomfort and relaxation that is so needed.

Everyone knows that there arecolors that can help relax the mind, vision and those who receive good feeling,and there are other more striking that, depending on where locate may get atouch of joy or even cause you increased stress. Today we want to tell youabout the good vibes you can accomplish, if you go for a green home decor, acolor that has an infinite number of shades, from which you can choose the bestsuited to each corner.

Green is a tone that always takesus back to nature, so that makes us feel free and rested , to the point to keepin memory smells and sensations perceived in natural settings, so you willalways be relaxing and or game . As for the practical and aesthetic, many colorcombinations that you can, depending on the exact shade of your choice, if yougo for pistachio green, bottle or cake, you'll find a relaxed atmosphere, fineand very aesthetic if you combine them with the range of beiges, browns andtoast. These combinations are very smart to dress the walls of your livingroom, and you retain that elegance and add a touch of originality if you alsouse at least stays customs, such as be the bathroom. On the other hand, in achild's bedroom or playroom, the green color will be highlighted based on theother as bright and cheerful as yellows and oranges.