Centerpieces as the season

The table is one of thoseelements and functional utility of everyday life that usually do not pay moreattention needed during the hours of lunch and dinner at home. However, givingsome life to this forgotten corner is easier than it looks thanks to a key decorativeelement: the centerpiece.

In Interior and had given you someideas for your centerpieces, and today we would like to propose different ideasdepending on the season of the year in which you are.

 Take a look and adapts Ideas for decorating your home:

- Spring: In this pleasant season fill you life, joy and color eachof the corners of your home. To do well on your desk nothing better than buyinga beautiful ornamental daisies thick enough, and planted in the center of yourtable accompanied by a beautiful decorative pot, another good idea is tocombine several tiny plants of different species in pots of different sizes.

- Summer: The more minimalist white flowers filled with freshness andcharm your table, so do not hesitate to go for orchid specimens as well as oneof those crops original gels. To do this, nothing better than buying atransparent vase and let you see the same color (there are a wide variety)along with plant roots.

- Autumn: The reddish-brown, dry leaves of this era are the stars ofthe centerpieces. A great idea is to buy a decorative dish, place three or fourcandles of different sizes and placed around a pile of leaves or dried petalsof flowers in the colors that you like for decoration (there from brown togreen and maroon or blue, for example), but you can also decorate it with somedried fruits like pineapples.

- Winter: There are lots of different ideas for this time of year,especially because this is when they celebrate the festival and most seek theperfect centerpiece for Christmas. If you go for making the poinsettia plantfor your centerpiece, perhaps you please put some candles red, white and goldsurrounded by pine needles, pine cones (painted or not) and some flowers orberries around (flowers poinsettia, holly, etc…).

Of course, if they give you abeautiful bouquet of flowers please give the place at the center of your table.